Trademarks – What they are, How do you get one, and What they Protect

September 13, 2017 5:18 pm, Published by


Trademarks are critical to any business and understanding what they protect and how you obtain the protection may surprise you and help you rethink your relationships with your competitors and partners.

A few key points regarding Trademarks
  • They represent your good will, hard work, and quality offerings
  • They can be a logo, slogan, name, packaging, etc.
  • You can keep others from using confusingly similar marks or words
  • They are automatic, as you create a “secondary meaning” in the phrase or logo (i.e. it comes to represent your companies image and quality, rather than just its “dictionary meaning”)
  • To afford you protection it must be used in commerce
Give us a call to discuss how Trademark registration may help you protect your brand and image.

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