Bankruptcy is a serious matter which can affect many individuals and businesses. Whether you are experiencing financial hardship personally or as a business owner or you have a claim that is involved in a bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy attorneys of Breen Olson & Trenton, LLP have the necessary skills and expertise to represent your interests.

We can evaluate and recommend to you whether you should consider a business or an individual Chapter 11 bankruptcy or if there are other strategies that would accomplish the same objectives. Our team of experienced legal, financial, and business bankruptcy lawyers will carefully evaluate your situation and provide you with the positive and negative aspects that are involved with sometimes difficult decisions.

The most effective strategy that you can employ in a financially distressed situation is to address it honestly and early. As soon as you spot trouble you should explore and understand your options while there is still time to influence the outcome

Our team of experienced legal, financial, and business professionals will carefully evaluate your situation.   We will explore any non-bankruptcy strategies with you, and advise you about the different bankruptcy options if it is prudent to file.  Although this may be a very stressful time, the attorneys of Breen Olson & Trenton will take every step to protect your interests and keep you informed.

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