Even if you think you don’t have an estate plan, rest assured you do…

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Just because you didn’t make an estate plan doesn’t mean you don’t have one!  The State has passed laws that control what happens to your property if you do nothing. But, and this is a very big but, if you don’t mind the government managing your finances and taking care of your loved ones, then don’t worry your covered!  If, however you would like to make your own choices regarding your finances and family members, then you should contact an experienced estate planning attorney so you are not leaving all these important choices up to the government. 

Sometimes it is important to remind people that estate plans are not just for people facing end of life decisions, they are also for individuals who want to assess their current financial position and establish long term goals for retirement.  In today’s environment when estate taxes only affect a very few estates the primary purpose for planning is to address aging, competency and financial risk or exposure issues. Breen Olson & Trenton, LLP can assist you in identifying your objectives and then structure your estate plans to reach them.

Occasionally someone will ask if they can prepare an estate plan themselves?  The simple answer is yes. Unfortunately, the more problematic question is whether that DIY plan will effectuate your desires when the time comes?  Sometimes it is very expensive to be too thrifty. Here is a reference to review if you are considering the DIY approach. DIY Estate Plan FAQs

Below is a great site to take a look at if you have more questions about your needs, but we also encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call, we are happy to answer your questions! 1-877-283-3711

Estate Planning FAQ’s by the American Bar Association

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