Living Wills & Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate

Preparing for your future is an important matter and usually, the estate planning objectives you have will take time to reach fruition.  Whether you looking for a living will and trust, the correct agreements to protect your assets or to facilitate the transfer of them at the right time, you can be assured all your future planning needs can be met by the experienced estate planning lawyers of Breen Olson & Trenton, LLP.  We have decades of experience assisting individuals in protecting their assets from unknown events and arranging for an easier and safer transfer of the assets and trust funds to the next generation. Whether it is a Family Limited Partnership or living trust, family trust or property trust we can help you achieve the peace of mind you desire.

Estate Planning Phoenix

Last Will & Testament

A will can determine how you want your loved ones taken care of and property divided upon your death. Sometimes viewed as a simple estate planning instrument, however a will can be of great assistance to your heirs during difficult times.  A will can make it easier to direct the property to your beneficiaries.

Medical Power Attorney

A Medical Power of Attorney is a document that you give to someone you trust that gives them the power to instruct doctors and other medical staff according to your wishes regarding your health care needs as written in your Living Will if you are incapacitated and unable to communicate for yourself. 

Financial Power of Attorney

A Financial Power of Attorney gives, to a person you trust, the authority to handle your financial matters if you are incapacitated and unable to act on your own behalf.

Living Will

A living will is a medical document that tells doctors and family members what kind of care you want if you become incapacitated and cannot express your wishes. To make sure doctors follow these orders you need a Medical Power of Attorney for health care.

Revocable Living Trust

Revocable Living Trust combines many aspects of a Will and Power of Attorney into one agreement that also provides for the care and support of your dependents, such as naming guardians for your children if you die or become incapacitated while they are still minors.


In both Arizona and California, most property can avoid probate all together if the proper estate planning is done.  However, sometimes probate is unavoidable and is required when a loved one dies.  Each state has specific laws that govern what process applies.   Breen Olson & Trenton will assist you and your loved ones through the necessary steps.  

Probate is often a term that causes confusion and fear. When well managed however it is a process that ensures the fair, orderly and efficient transfer of the assets of your estate to your loved ones. It provides the assurance that, if necessary, the court will enforce the distribution of your assets as you desire. 

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